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The Sparrow
The best-selling novel The Sparrow, by celebrated author Mary Doria Russell, is the basis for this new CD by Metaphor. It tells the story of the first mission to another planet - an inhabitated planet that came to Earth's attention when we received signals that turned out to be music. This CD features a fabulous original cover painting entitled "Quercus corymbion" ( 2007) and other artwork by Patricia van Lubeck

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Entertaining Thanatos
Subtitled, "Seven Cheery Songs About Death" this is Metaphor's second CD, released in 2004.

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Metaphor's first CD, Starfooted (2000) recounts the myth of Gnosticism. It's out of print but is available via digital download, and may be available from some online retailers.

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Metaphor has appeared on a number of progressive rock compilation CDs.

Ipso Facto's Prog in USA (Canada)
Features "Chaos With a Crown of Gold" from Starfooted, and an early, computer-based work-in-progress version of "Call Me Old & Uninspired Or Even Lazy And Tired But 13 Heads In The BackYard Says You're Wrong" which at that point was called "New Socks" and which later appeared on Entertaining Thanatos.

Mellotron Magazine (Argentina)
Features "Chaos With a Crown of Gold" from Starfooted



BayProg/Expose Magazine (USA)
Features "When it All Comes Together" from Entertaining Thanatos



Colossus Magazine's "Kalevala" project (Finland)
Features "Raking the Bones" from Entertaining Thanatos

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