m e t a p h o r

progressive rock

Metaphor's hiatus since the 2007 release of their third CD, The Sparrow, is nearing an end! Music is being written for the band's 4th CD, anticipated for 2015 - so please stay tuned...

In the meantime you’ll enjoy Metaphor founder Malcolm Smith’s new solo CD, “We Were Here,” full of the great stuff we all love about progressive rock; and a unique and wonderful solo project by Marc Spooner, “A Rite of Spring.” Be sure to check out the great music of Mind Furniture, featuring Metaphor regulars John Mabry, Greg Miller, and Jim Anderson.

THE SPARROW -- The best-selling novel The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell, is the basis for this CD. It's the story of a mission to an inhabited planet that came to Earth's attention when we received signals that turned out to be music.
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ENTERTAINING THANATOS -- Subtitled, "Seven Cheery Songs About Death" this is Metaphor's second CD, released in 2004.
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STARFOOTED -- Metaphor's first CD, Starfooted (2000) recounts the myth of Gnosticism. It's out of print but is available via digital download.



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